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Last Call From The Treasury

Please note that your 2011 WMBA Membership dues are now considered overdue. A late fee of $10 should be added to your regular $40 dues ($20/alums), in order to remain in good standing as an active member.  Please submit your check or cash immediately by 12 PM on 5/17/2011. They may be dropped off to Flood Bumstead McCready & McCarthy/Attn.:  Amery (2300  Charlotte Ave., Ste. 103, Nashville, TN  37209, 615-329-9902 or mailed to: WMBA, P.O. Box 120242, Nashville, TN  37212.

Again, the final deadline for accepting payment will be 12 noon5/17/2011.  No dues will be accepted past this date. If you have any questions or inquiries, please send an email to WMBA Treasurer, Amery Fridenstine: