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July 2012 Member Spotlight: Chelsea Kempchinsky


Name: Chelsea Kempchinsky

Company: Loretta Lynn Enterprises

Title: Office Manager

Length of Employment: Will be two years in October

Hobbies: I have a wide array of hobbies. Songwriting has become a new found passion and love. I usually always go to one writers round a month. I enjoy hiking at Percy Warner Park during the warm months. Also, reading I usually always have a book in my purse whether it be a business book or just novel. A good majority of my time is spent cooking for friends and having potluck dinners. I spend time volunteering as a guide with Musicians on Call with Vanderbilt and have found it to be one of the most rewarding times.

Pets: No, but I can’t wait to get a German Shepherd

Cool story on the job: I remember one time, when I was given the opportunity to be acting Tour Manager for a few months, we were sitting on Miss Loretta’s bus waiting to head out for a two show weekend. As we were waiting for everyone to get there, Patsy, Miss Loretta’s daughter, was talking about the old time nursery rhymes Miss Loretta’s Momma use to sing to her. Well Patsy was egging her on to sing one. Miss Loretta just started singing the nursery rhyme with perfect pitch. I just sat on the couch listening and realizing how amazing of an experience this was to witness.

What made you want to be in the Music Business: Music to me is everything. It is what I live and love to do. For every moment in life you can think of a song which reminds you of it and I wanted to be apart of creating/crafting the soundtrack to life.

Why you decided to join the WMBA: I had the opportunity to meet Lindsey Clark shortly after my move to Nashville and she told me about the WMBA. I enjoy meeting new people and networking with others and knew this would be a perfect fit to learn and meet new people. The guest speakers are always great to hear from because they have wisdom to share.

Best advice you’ve received: Work hard. If you want it go for it because no one else is going to do it for you.

Anything else?: I am always up for grabbing coffee and getting to know others within the WMBA community. One of our greatest resources is the friendships and connections we make.