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2016 Sponsorship Spotlight: Global Songwriters Connection


What is the name of your company?
Global Songwriters Connection

What does your company do?
We Encourage, Equip and Empower artist/writers and songwriters worldwide on how to make a living with their gifts and talents. We love it when someone earns their first check through utilizing our GSC services and classes. There is no “cookie cutter one size fits all” plan of action for creators. Our services are very personalized. We work one on one with the individual writer through a set career plan giving their dreams a track-able direction.

Tell us something the average Nashvillian may not know about your company.
GSC has been fortunate to place 4 publishing deals in the past 3 years and we are currently negotiating 2 other contracts on behalf of our members at this time. In addition, we have placed several great booking contracts for our performing members and just last year 101 of our members had in person publisher meetings and many single song contracts were signed by major publishers. More importantly, many of our members are earning income outside of the Nashville Music infrastructure and are going direct to market with their songs getting cuts and earning income.

How long has your company been in the Nashville area?
Since January of 2013.

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